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What are the Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning Harpenden?

Prolux carpet cleaning Harpenden based company has been pronounced for the number 1 cleaning company in Harpenden! Our cleaning company is a universal, multifunctional, developing company that provides services in the field of professional cleaning of any premises, cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture, as well as deep cleaning of car interiors. We, a well-established company, offer a wide range of cleaning services. High-quality service is based on the latest technologies, organizational principles, effective technology and quality chemicals by Prochem. The main factor in the quality of our services, of course, is our employees who are trained and highly experienced.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning – Professional Care for Your Carpet

The carpet is such an attribute that will not go out of fashion. In the past all the carpets were equally sewn and with the same patterns. However, today the stores are simply packed with various models. They not only look different, but they are made of different materials. This can only mean that carpet cleaning for different materials must be completely different! Luckily, the variety of detergents for cleaning carpets today is also abundant.

If you vacuum the carpet at least once on every two days, the carpet will not have time to get dirty. But there are cases that the vacuum cleaner does not help and the carpet needs a good cleaning. For that purpose you need to use professional carpet cleaning services two times a year. And what a better care for your carpet, then a quality procedure provided by Prolux carpet cleaning Harpenden based company!


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Harpenden

Carpet Cleaning HarpendenCarpets are invented to create comfort and warmth in the house, and to avoid spoiling these pieces of decoration, any carpeting needs to be taken care of. Old carpets get dirty faster than new carpets, although at first glance this is not noticeable. We do not see that there are a lot of dust and dirt in the carpet fibers, as well as various microbes, so you need to clean more often than usual.

Each product needs its own approach and its care. Carpets are no exception, because they come from wool, cotton, bamboo, artificial, and also of different shapes.

Dry cleaning of carpets made of cotton - This type of carpet is distinguished by its naturalness, softness and strength. Cotton is very durable and reliable, but it absorbs moisture and all smells well. Therefore, you should not put it in children's rooms, where very young children grow up. If it is contaminated and stains appear on it, it can only be cleaned with organic solvents and water-based chemicals.

Dry cleaning of artificial carpets - Artificial carpets are made of nylon, propylene and acrylic fibers. Acrylic carpets are soft and similar to wool carpets. Nylon models are very durable and rich in a large selection of colors. Such carpets are easy to clean, they won’t damage from high temperatures, and they are also not expensive.

Dry cleaning of woolen carpets - The structure of woolen carpets is soft and elastic. Such carpets serve a very long time, because the wool practically does not fade, does not absorb dirt and moisture. After cleaning it remains in this form for a long time. The quality and practicality of woolen carpets depends on the dyes and fibers used in the manufacture. In order to remove stains and dirt from woolen carpet, you’d better use professional carpet cleaning services by Prolux!

Dry cleaning of carpets made of silk and viscose - Carpets made of natural material, like viscose and silk, have a luxurious appearance and softness. These carpets are maintained only with the help of professional dry carpet cleaning services! At home, you can not use chemicals, because the carpet can fade, there will be rubs and unwanted stripes. Therefore, it is better to contact Prolux – the most reliable carpet cleaning Harpenden based company! We will carry out all the procedures and won’t spoil the carpet.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Harpenden

Steam treatment of carpet is the most advanced technology in comparison with cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner. Wet cleaning may damage carpet surfaces, because the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is not enough to completely remove water from the pile. Remains of water destroy the base of the carpet, remaining in it for 2-3 days after harvesting. In addition, dampness is the best environment for the multiplication in it of disease-causing microbes and microorganisms.

Neutral steam with a temperature of 120 degrees will significantly prolong the life of carpets, removing mud and dirt from them and updating the color. Steam will disinfect the surface of the carpet and leave it almost dry. In a compartment with a massive vacuum cleaner, the steam generator is particularly effective.

Using a steam generator instead of a chemical agent, it is possible to disinfect any surface: steam kills bacteria, mold, insects and mites, and the vacuum cleaner sucks them together with allergens and dust into the dust collector - the water tank. This approach allows you to significantly expand the cleaning capabilities. With this device our experts: disinfect and clean carpets and area rugs, glass and window frames, furniture upholstery, curtains, delicate fabrics (velvet, leather, silk, etc.). Also, steam generators are used to remove odors and stains from clothes.

Why to Choose Prolux Cleaning Services?

Everyone knows that carpets are collectors of dust and dirt. At the end of time, the carpet loses its original appearance. There are all kinds of stains and dirt. Such an untidy kind of carpet spoils the atmosphere of houses, cottages, apartments, offices, and also negatively affects the health of people in this room.

For more than 15 years, our company provides such services as deep cleaning of carpets, and area rugs, eliminating virtually all types of pollution, using modern equipment and quality chemicals for this. You can benefit from our top quality services at the most affordable price in Harpenden! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our phone support assistants!

Quality carpet cleaning by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Harpenden
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Anti-static treatment by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Harpenden
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Professional carpet cleaning by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Harpenden
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Steam Carpet Cleaning
ProLux Carpet Cleaning - Customer Review

I used to take care of all the housework by myself, inclusive of carpet cleaning, but now my business is going pretty well and I am happy I can afford professional carpet cleaning services! After comparing the different cleaning companies in Harpenden, I decided to call Prolux. What made me great impression was that Prolux uses high quality equipment and Prochem cleaning products and still the price of their services is really affordable.There were several old coffee stains on my carpet, I couldn’t cope with. Also, it looked a bit wasted. Actually, I was considering the idea of purchasing new carpet. However, after the professional steam cleaning procedure, my carpet looked brilliant! It was restored to brand new condition! It was red-colored carpet with flowers on it, and after the cleaning service, the red color was really bright! The whole carpet looked very fresh and the pleasant smell lasted for weeks.The other thing I liked very much about Prolux, was the attitude towards customers! The two guys that came home for the procedure were polite, quite knowledgeable, and attentive to details. When they finished the cleaning process, they willingly answered to all my questions. Moreover, they recommended me what products to use for carpet cleaning and told me what to do in order to preserve my carpet in good condition for long period of time.

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